Alexander Winston Fraser

Written December 10, 2016
A glimpse (not an obituary) into Alex mostly earlier life by his sister Frances

Alexander Winston Fraser was born to loving and caring parents (Grace MacDonald and Arlington Fraser) during the ration years of WW2. He grew up a healthy boy, doing chores (taking in wood, helping with the farm animals, cleaning the smoky old lamp chimneys, doing the dishes) playing (Swimming at the old swimming hole, skating on the frozen creeks(before creeks became drains), riding the farm horse, cadets in high school, cops & robberies in the barn and ice sliding-we would spend hours pouring buckets of water to make a narrow ice slide in the back yard-then we would take turns running and sliding as far as we could on this very fast ice slide), exploring ( Hardy Boy book reading, Meccano set building, boyhood mischief ) & expanding his Knowledge (St. Josephs, Lancaster. Char-Lan, Williamstown) anticipating an exciting adulthood (travel, more school, Christmas midnight mass & dinners at Aunt Bertha’s, friends, football games, good jobs (Hydro) followed by an adult life of love, maturity and fulfillment. After meeting and marrying the love(Rhoda) of his life, he & his wife moved to Vancouver Island where they pursued in earnest their dedication to Glengarry Genealogy. In childhood when us four siblings were kids, Birthdays meant a cake with candles, singing of ’Happy Birthday’, a present or two followed by the “bumps’ (one for each year) The years flew too quickly and now he is gone. His last Birthday was September 24, 2016. His deep and intense devotion to his faith carried him through the joys and sorrows of his life. Alex was very supportive of the tiny and fledgling Dalkeith Historical Society. He opened doors for DHS and I am overwhelmed that even in death he would continue that effort. Rhoda her family and the B.C. health care system were simply outstanding in their care of Alex(Winston). A heartfelt thanks to all of you who have taken the time to express their sympathy. Should you wish to donate to DHS in Alex’s memory, the Society’s mailing address follows.

Frances, DHS spokesperson and sister to Alex

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